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Portland Oregon – Vancouver Washington

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Clark County Painting is a full service interior painting contractor. We have over 20 years experience in residential and commercial interiors. Our work has been featured several times at Clark County’s Parade of Homes, and the Clark County Home Show. Many of Portland’s and Vancouver’s largest and most respected home builders trust us for their new home painting, sheet rock, texture, staining and wains coating needs.

When you hire Clark County Painting as your interior painting contractor you can expect to receive professional guidance from color selection, surface preparation, paint finish types, and paint selection. Using the right paint finish, the best paint application procedures, and having experienced painters using proven techniques ensures a quality outcome thats sure to leave you impressed. New interior paints and stain applied by Clark County Painting increases the value of your home, its visual appeal and will make a amazing impression on your guests and family. Call us today for your free interior paint consultation.

At Clark County Painting, consistent quality is our number one priority. We want every home owner 100% satisfied with their new interior paint job. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we have developed a painting process that guarantees a beautiful paint job each and every time. The results speak for themselves!

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Interior Painting Process

Unless you have specific needs, these are the steps we follow when painting the interior of your home whether we are painting just one room or the entire house.

Surface Preparation for Paint

Properly preparing the surface to accept new paint is the first step to a good quality paint job. This is often the most time consuming part of the process, but a uniform surface is very important, Clark County Painting takes the time to do it do surface preparation right, because a good base means a quality outcome.

Covering & Protecting; Part of the Interior Painting Process

Your furniture and possessions are important to you, so we take responsibility to protect them. Before we do anything, we empty the room as much as possible. We remove furniture, fixtures, outlets (as needed) and switch-plate covers. Anything that can’t be removed is protected with heavy duty leap resistant drop cloths. All windows and doors are carefully masked with high grade painters tape, and masking paper / plastic sheeting.

Drywall Repair & Caulking

Small holes caused by nails and anchors are filed with spackle. Large holes, wall / corner dents and scrapes are patched with joint compound or a patch, repair technique may vary depending on the size and extent of the damaged area. Cracked corner beads are re-attached, and cracked inside corners are repaired with tape and drywall compound or Spackle. All sheetrock repairs are re-textured to blend into the surrounding wall texture.

Surface Smoothing and Priming for Paint

All surfaces are checked for uniformity and smoothness, and we sand if necessary. This includes untextured drywall, painted woodwork / doors.All cracks and gaps in painted wood work, including door frames, baseboards, and window casings are filled with quality caulking for a durable and lasting repair. Clark County Painting only uses the highest quality, stain blocking primers to seal and prepare stained or water damaged areas, raw wood, and repairs. In new construction, the entire wall is prepared with an appropriate primer. We use oil-based primers on wood and water-based primer on drywall and patches

Quality Paint Application

Unfortunately this is the step that do-it-yourselfers often skip right to, quality results are achieved through professional and experienced processes. That is why Clark County Painting strictly adheres to our proven process, and only uses undiluted, top quality paints to ensure maximum coverage, durability, and lasting beauty. We have found that applying paint with rollers and brushes provides the best quality finish and minimizes mess. Back rolling and back brushing (these techniques push the paint into the walls porous surface) create a better seal and an attractive subtle texture. In new construction, applying paint with a sprayer gets the job done faster thereby reducing labor costs. Unpainted ceilings are also best painted with a sprayer. In some situations, we may combine sprayers, brushes and rollers to create the best quality finished result.

Windows, Woodwork, and Doors; Staining and Finishing

Trim pieces are given the same professional attention as the main paint application process. Painted windows and woodwork are carefully hand brushed. Stained wood can be revitalized with fresh stain and a clear coat finish. This process in almost all cases can be done without removing the trim. Doors can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed, either on or off site, depending on the desired result. We can also install new or replacement trim and doors.

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